limited time clock

How many weeks do you have left?

How many days do you wish away just longing for that weekend?

Have you heard the heard the story of a 1,000 marbles?

The theory is that each person has about 3,900 Saturdays in their lives when living an average of 75 years.

You need to subtract the Saturdays you have already used. If you are 35 you have used 1,820 so you have approximately 1,800 Saturday’s left.

Purchase 1,800 marbles and put them in a container (make sure the container is translucent or glass so you can see through it). Place that container in a place where you have your morning coffee on Saturday.

Each Saturday look at that container and take a marble out and throw it away. You will see the days of your life diminish before your eyes.

The visceral feeling and image of watching your life ebb away may help you . . . face your fears . . . fill your days with meaning . . . challenge yourself . . . live more fully . . . reach out to the unknown . . . love without boundaries

Why begin your journey today? Every day we are presented with choices, each choice leads to moving forward or backward in terms of our hopes and dreams. At the end of it all, the goal should be laying in your bed thinking “I have no regrets”.

As humans, we are conditioned to think we have all this extra time to stagnate. This thought that you can do tomorrow what you should do today leads to missed opportunities, wasted time, and regrets. Don’t let that happen to you.


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