South America

Cultural wonderland with limitless physical adventure challenges.


From the Andes of Peru and Machu Picchu to the wild tundra of Patagonia in Southern Chile and Argentina you’ll find everything you need to know about life. You’ll test your limits physically on the hiking trails and your emotional intelligence exploring the deep culture. You may even choose to test your mental limits with a mountain top Shaman. This part of the world will scoop you up for a short time and place you back in your life a changed person.

Why here? Impactful experience without the jetlag.


There are almost too many positives to list given the multitude of different locations here. After a consultation I will typically recommend a few different options that will blow your mind. The hiking is incredible and the food/culture/people are second to none.


Depending on where you’re from this may be a better option if you only have 5-7 days to spare for your trip. From the US it’s a straight shot down so you won’t need that extra recovery day on the way home. It’s a little pricier than Asia but budgets can fluctuate depending on accommodations and coaching program selections.