Natural wonders set the stage for intense introspection.


Meditate under the Northern Lights. Get deeply introspective on an iceberg. Challenge your legs on a hike through the fjords of the backcountry. Explore a volcano. You can do it all in just a few days if you have the stamina yet most people never make it happen. But, you’re different. Take action and blow your senses away in this prehistoric place. If you’re looking for a quick departure from the norm than Iceland may be what the doctor ordered.

Why here? A wonderland of unique landscapes a few hours away..


Iceland is an epic place to see sights you not found anywhere else. It can be quite pricey but it’s proximity to the US and the sheer beauty make it one of the top spots to visit. I recommend bringing our private chef for this trip especially. Go big or go home!

Seasonality can be an issue depending on what types of places you want to see but there’s something for every time of year. The photos you will come back with will be treasured for some time after you return home.