North America

Finding extraordinary doesn’t mean you have to circumnavigate the earth.


People looking to escape their comfort zone often overlook North America due to crowds but there are absolutely amazing options. From the wilds of Alaska and cliffs of Hawaii, to the incredible Yellowstone National park, you’ll find ample places to explore and expand your horizon. The Pacific Northwest is one of my personal favorites for trail hiking and outdoor executive coaching. Our custom trips are designed to keep us off the beaten path while still making our way to the most breathtaking locations.

Why here? Incredible journeys with minimal hassle..


Whether you’re looking for a quick weekend digital detox or a longer term retreat in the mountains of Alaska we have you covered. One glaring positive of booking in North America is proximity however it can get a little more pricey for lodging.


Most of my clients live in North America so I usually try and push them to a more uncomfortable location but you can’t argue with the stunning beauty, diversity, and power of the terrain.