Breathtaking Cordillera Huayhuash Trek – Group


This option would be joining a larger group, but still amazing as there will still be plenty of time to work together outside of mealtimes and during the trek. If you wanted to add on your daughter or more it would be $500 additional and I would still be working with both of you throughout when desired. (I realize that there are times you’ll want space with family and more than happy to be very flexible)

Trekking the Cordillera Huayhuash Mountain Range is a game-changer. It will challenge you in many ways, the idea is to come out of this trek filled with clarity and vision for your future.

We will be focusing on impactful personal growth in the downtime. You are guaranteed to come home with a newfound sense of resilience, confidence, and gratitude.

Along with hiking, activities span mindfulness meditationdeep trauma healing, and breathwork, as well as working to harvest your deepest desires. This trek will show you how to manifest the power to achieve your goals.

Meet yourself on a deeper level and reinvigorate your life to achieve your purpose. 

Once we get started I will begin working on all itineraries and planning for the trip to make it as simple as possible.