Each session is scheduled for one hour, but quite often they run over by a few minutes, this will not count against future sessions unless specified during the call or we are making great progress and choose to extend the session. Pick your session count below, add to the cart, and checkout. You can also purchase by the day or week.

More than likely, if you’re  here we’ve already discussed a package that works for you. Feel free to check out at your convenience. 


Sessions can be cut up and divided any number of ways. For your convenience, I’ve added several different options to simplify the purchase process. Sessions are divided into one or more groupings to create packages of individual sessions, full-day bookings, or full week bookings (mostly for adventure coaching or business consultation in-house).

If you’re here, we’ve likely already been in contact, but if not, reach out today!

For immediate inquiries, please contact me directly.

  • Sessions are generally 1 hour. Depending on the progress during the call or in-person session, time may go over 1 hour. I will not debit another “session” unless our call or meeting exceeds 150% of the allocated time unless otherwise discussed.
  • All sessions should be scheduled for both parties at an agreed upon time to avoid missed calls.
  • In the event that a client is unreachable or fails to show up, they will forfeit that session.
  • In the event that the client is late for a call, there will be a grace period of 1 hour of flexibility between possible overlap with other clients or we can host an abbreviated session so all is not lost.

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