Join a Small Group of Traders for an Epic Experience

Hosted by Aaron Rentfrew and The Incredible Chef Allen Campbell

Breathtaking 4-Day 3-Night Retreat – Pacific Northwest


**June 3rd – June 6th 2022! ONLY 6 SPOTS**

The Purpose – by day, we will work on resilience, confidence, life balance, through challenging hikes, direct one on one coaching, and group exercises. By evening we will work on analyzing, planning, strategy, and the day-to-day routine you carry forward after this experience and into the future. The goal: leave with a roadmap toward further mastering your decision making, your ability to execute, your clear path to success, and a better understanding of what you’re truly capable of.

The Place – we will base out of cabins near Crescent Lake, Oregon. June is the ideal time of year and we will be centrally located between some incredible landscapes. The hikes are phenomenal including waterfalls, lakes, challenging scrambles, and breathtaking vistas from the mountains.

The Accommodations – we will be staying in two separate beautiful and fully equipped cabins (potentially divided by gender depending on the makeup of the group). Very comfortable homes 3+ BR each with wifi and all the comforts of home. (images below).

The Food – Allen Campbell is widely known as the “chef of peak performance”. Through his culinary acumen, various publications, speaking engagements, consulting, and highly publicized work with athletes, actors, and entertainers, most notably Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen, he has revolutionized traditional culinary artistry by maximizing health benefits and sustainable practices. I’m blown away that he’s joining us! (full bio below)

This is what you’ve been seeking.

4-Day/3-Night Traders Retreat Package


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Now Booking June 3rd – June 6th!

What’s This Look Like?

Pre-Retreat Activities


Pre-Retreat 1-on-1s

I like to get a good amount of the one on one coaching in before we all meet for the adventures, this way by the time you arrive you’re well on your way to your goals rather than packing everything into a few hours per day. I also find this provides us the ability to focus more on the challenge of the day and group exercises that will make this experience unique and unforgettable.

Acclimatization we’re not doing anything super high altitude but I would recommend several weeks of challenging yourself ahead of the trip!

Day Hikes


Daily Adventures in Nature

Each day we will set out for an adventure. There is no shortage of incredible trails around Deschutes National Forest and we will explore the best hikes for our group. Meals will be prepared and you will only need to carry your water, lunch, camera, or anything you’d like to bring in a day pack.



We are blessed to be joined by my dear friend Allen Campbell

Chef Allen is widely known as the “chef of peak performance”. Through his culinary acumen, various publications, speaking engagements, consulting, and highly publicized work with athletes, actors and entertainers, most notably Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen, he has revolutionized traditional culinary artistry by maximizing health benefits and sustainable practices.

Evening Mindset Sessions


Customized Mind Unbound Experience

Group work on trading and decision making flaws

After the day’s adventure we’ll join up in one of the cabins by the fire or on the porch to work on issues in a small group format. We’ll discuss and utilize techniques to overcome these issues and craft routines you can carry forward for continued success and advancement in these areas.



Everyone has Unique Strategies

We’ll discuss how to get the most out of our strategies as it relates to planning, risk management, execution and coming into the day with confidence.

This is NOT to teach you an entirely new strategy in a few days, that’d be impossible. This IS to get the most out of what you’re currently doing and possibly add some new tools you can use to increase performance and minimize mistakes.

What’s the Goal:



Success and failure in business and life often boil down to a small number of traits. The one strength that stands above all else on the success side is resilience. Most quit before the magic happens.

Building a Foundation

All stratospheric growth happens from a solid base and strategy. It’s important you lay a firm foundation while charting your course. This starts by setting proper goals and a path toward your ideal life.

Mastering Mindfulness

In order to break a chain of poor behaviors and decision-making, we have to start from a state of presence and mindfulness. We all have the capacity to change and grow and we must be deeply in touch with what it will take.

Building Deeper Purpose & Meaning

Without meaning and purpose, what are we even doing? When you confidently discover these factors, you’ll tap into endless motivation and clear direction. Fulfillment is a natural byproduct of finding meaning.


Pushing ourselves through amazing adventures and seeing what we’re capable of is just the start. Open and honest looks at our flaws, the power of the group dynamic, and the growth that results will send you home more confident than ever.

A Clear Path to Success

Optimizing brain function isn’t complicated. By implementing everything from a proper diet to meditation and sleep training, you’ll create ideal conditions for peak brain function. Lose the fog and come back with healthy habits and routines that guarantee growth.

What’s Included ?

  • Coaching2-3 hrs of daily individual and group coaching - Custom Program
  • Guided Evening PracticeGroup workshops on the mental game, strategy, and performance strategies
  • Photography/VideoI will have professional grade equipment along with us and will provide photos
  • Food (vegetarian, vegan upon request)All meals will be provided and prepared by Allen Campbell unless you choose to go you're own way!
  • DrinksWe'll load up with bottled water, coffee, and other basic refreshments (you're welcome to pick up alcohol if you'd like)
  • Private transportI will be renting a van for transport to and from the daily hikes and airport
  • Luxury CabinsWe will likely have two separate cabins, depending on the makeup of the group it could be mens/womens. WiFi, fully functioning homes
  • Safety ItemsComplete First Aid Kit
  • FlightsYou're responsible for getting to Oregon (Bend Airport), I can help with arrangements upon request
  • Personal Trekking EquipmentI recommend bringing your trekking poles if you want them, and sturdy lightweight hiking boots

Frequently Asked Questions


Am I in good enough shape for this?

We will do some challenging hikes, but if you started today, you’d have 4+ months to prepare. I will be sending training recommendations and physical benchmarks to those that are joining. Light a fire under your ass and let’s go. This trip is about big changes. Think of how much progress 2022 will hold if you commit to something like this.

Do I have to carry a huge backpack?

Nope! You should have a day pack (15-20L) to hold your lunch, clothing layers as you take them on and off, a camera if you have one, and water.

Am I going to get altitude sick?

We won’t be doing anything in the alpine zone so you’ll be fine, possibly a little winded at any summit 🙂

What travel insurance do you recommend?

Allianz and World Nomads is great for most types of travel insurance. Easy to buy right on their sites. Get Travel insurance and cancellation insurance in case something happens last minute, and you have to back out. They also usually cover emergencies etc. It’s rare, but worth the peace of mind!

What if I'm too slow/fast for the group?

I’ve gotten this one a few times. We do not have to stay together while hiking although I like to keep everyone within visual distance when possible. Ideally, we will join in one spot for lunch and afternoon workshops, but this is your experience if you want to fly up the mountains, your call!

Covid stuff

Since we’ll all be in close proximity, for the good of the group I’d love for you to get a covid test prior to arrival. I’m not concerned about your vaccination status but I want to ensure that we all show up healthy and ready for activities with peace of mind!

I've never camped before, do I need to learn?

Not at all! No camping on this trip. We’re opting for really nice cabins with full kitchens so we can do adventures by day but have a cozy place to talk markets and have access to the finer finishings at night.

Sound like the Results You’re Seeking?


We all have this ideal vision of ourselves that seems just out of reach. At some point, we either become willing to take the steps towards grasping it, or we give up and settle. As a Trading Mindset and Adventure Coach™, my goal is to ensure you live your life with no regrets and step into that vision.

The purpose is to take you beyond normal and allow you to experience yourself in ways most people never do.

So, let’s go. Book your call and let’s see if this trip is right for you!