Mind Unbound Private Coaching for Traders – 5 Week


I help traders find success & fulfillment by creating a clear path to profitability! (Without expensive tools & services, blowing accounts, emotional trainwrecks)  

Content: I’m right there with you every step of the way, every trade, for 10 weeks. Reviewing trades, correcting mistakes, and holding you accountable to the goals we set out. 

  • Kickoff Extended Session Call
  • Deep dive into your specific trading flaws
  • How to write a daily trading plan
  • Daily access to Aaron’s daily routine and market prep
  • Aaron’s trading strategy


  • Weekly 1 on 1 call
  • Weekly Video Market Review and Training
  • Guided mindfulness visualizations
  • Market talk
  • Trade review
  • Corrective action assignments


Direct access

  • Corrective action questions
  • Market structure questions
  • Email & text support outside of scheduled calls
  • Accountability to 100% of your goals
  • Mind Unbound Course Access
  • Access to in-depth emotion management strategies
  • Direct access to Aaron for custom solutions that fit you


Program outline: Never make the same mistake again!

  • Lifetime access to the Mind Unbound Private Discord!
  • Diagnosis & Clarity // Accountability
  • Trading Journal – Implementation & Review
  • Mapping Emotional Volatility
  • Daily Market Trading Plan – Design & Habituation
  • Correcting Flaws with Mindfulness/Visualizations
  • Probabilistic Thinking & Fear Modulation
  • Risk Management 101
  • Execution Strategy
  • Sleep, Diet, and Optimal Mental Performance