Want to Gain an Unfair Advantage in Life and Business – in Under a Week?

Breathtaking 6-Day Peru Retreat Trek – Cordillera Huayhuash


**New Dates August 30th- September 4th!**

Trekking the Cordillera Huayhuash Mountain Range is a gamechanger. While it will challenge you in many ways, you will tackle it alongside an electric group of people seeking to reach their full potential and grow.

You will be focusing on impactful personal growth. You are guaranteed to come home with a newfound sense of resilience, confidence, and gratitude.

Along with hiking, activities span mindfulness meditationdeep trauma healing, and breathwork, as well as working to harvest your deepest desires. This trek will show you how to manifest the power to achieve your goals. Meet yourself on a deeper level and reinvigorate your life to achieve your purpose. 

This is what you’ve been seeking.

6-Day Retreat Package


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I’m guessing you have an inner critic telling you why you can’t achieve certain things.

Do you believe the following?

  • For you, living a life of fulfillment is impossible.
  • You can’t possibly escape your current situation. You’re stuck.
  • Happiness is difficult. You’re just no good at it. It’s only for others.
  • You can’t lead people because they won’t follow you.
  • You can’t change, you just need to work with what you got.
To me, the belief that you are limited might be holding you back from your biggest dreams.

Instead, what if:


You had Bulletproof Resilience

Success and failure in business and life often boil down to a small number of traits. The one strength that stands above all else on the success side is resilience. Most quit before the magic happens.

You had a Firm Foundation

All stratospheric growth happens from a solid base and strategy. It’s important you lay a firm foundation while charting your course. This starts by setting proper goals and path toward your ideal life.

You had Great Breathwork & Habits

In order to break the chain we have to start from a state of presence and mindfulness. Scientific data proves that with proper habits and direction we can change our thought patterns.

You felt Deep Purpose & Meaning

Without meaning and purpose, what are we even doing? When you confidently discover these factors, you’ll tap into endless motivation and clear direction. Fulfillement is a natural byproduct of finding meaning.

You Held Deep Self-Confidence

As kids, we were full of confidence. There was a time when we all knew anything was possible. You can get that back but it requires effort. It’s time to regain power over fear and doubt.

You Increased Cognitive Function

Optimizing brain function isn’t complicated. By implementing everything from a proper diet, to meditation and sleep training, you’ll create ideal conditions for peak brain function. Lose the fog that’s been holding you back.

The most common issues I hear: “time & money”


5 Ways the Peru Retreat Trek Easily Pays for Itself

  1. You’ll build confidence to advance your career
  2. You’ll develop the resilience to overcome adversity
  3. Build the leadership skills every company values
  4. You’ll stop allowing fear to kill your ideas
  5. Make decisions that support your vision and speed you toward your financial goals

How much time can it save?

  • You’ll develop a simplified decision making process for your life
  • Instead of months procrastinating, you’ll attack ideas without the fear and doubt
  • With the time you save, you will narrow your focus to only things that support your vision and ideal life.
  • Isn’t THIS where your time should be spent?

What’s Included ?

  • Coaching2-3 hrs of daily individual and group coaching - Custom Program
  • Guided Evening PracticeYoga, healing, mindfulness meditation, workshops on life direction, purpose, and fulfillment
  • In the Moment CoachingAlong the way we will find time to explore ourselves and take the time to do so
  • Photography/VideoWe will have professional grade equipment along with us and will provide photos
  • Certified GuideWe will have professional local guides along the way to enrich our knowledge of the area
  • Camping equipmentTents, Mats (Sleeping bags upon request, I recommend BYOSB)
  • Dining/Kitchen TentThe crew sets up a large tent where we will all eat together separate from the kitchen tent
  • CookWe will have an experienced cook along with us to prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Food (vegetarian, vegan upon request)All meals on the trek are included and can accommodate dietary restrictions if necessary
  • Drinking WaterEvery morning they will boil the fresh mountain water for us and fill our bottles
  • DonkeysYou'll only need to carry daypacks while trekking, donkeys will move bags from camp to camp
  • Arrieros (Donkey Crew)The crew that assists with all set up of tents and managing the donkeys are great locals
  • Private transportTransport from Huaraz to the Cordillera Huayhuash trailhead
  • Park FeePrice includes this fee (The park fee is $65 per person)
  • Safety ItemsComplete First Aid Kit, Oxygen Bottles, One Horse (in case of leg injury), Satellite Phone
  • FUN!!We will always bring the positive vibes! 🙂
  • FlightsYou're responsible for getting to Peru, I help with arrangements upon request
  • Transport to HuarazI can assist, it's simple and inexpensive but will need to be customized, so more info necessary
  • Personal Trekking EquipmentYou can rent or buy items in Huaraz or bring with you. I recommend bringing your own sleeping bag, trekking poles, and sturdy lightweight trekking boots

Now Booking Aug 30 -Sept 4th, 2021!

What’s the Itinerary?

Pre-Retreat Activities


Huaraz One-on-Ones

Many of you will arrive in Huaraz a few days early if not more (the more, the better). During this time, I will seek out time to meet with you alone for an initial session to get to know more about you. In the days leading up to the trek, I will plan little side trips as well to prepare everyone for Huayhuash better. I will be making day trips to Laguna 69 and others, which are fantastic short excursions. All of this is to better orient ourselves and acclimatize for peak performance.

Acclimatization is the process in which an individual adjusts to a change in its environment (such as a change in altitude), allowing it to maintain performance across a range of environmental conditions.

Trek Day #1


Huaraz to Huayhuash Trailhead

Day #1 Takes off from Huaraz and we take a van together to our starting point. While camp is set up and dinner is being prepared we will venture off and begin our work together as a group. We will mentally prepare for the challenges and growth that will follow over the next several days.

Trek Day #2


Two Mountain Passes

Breakfast, morning growth exercises, and then we begin our ascent to the first mountain pass (pictured here)  Cacananpunta (4700 m.) and then on toward Carhuac (4650 m.) where we will break for lunch and afternoon meditation. Then on to our next camp, R&R, and evening activities after dinner.

Trek Day #3


Mindblowing Walk

Today we tackle the stunning Siula Pass (4800 m.)

We start with breakfast and activities. Towering mountains over the aqua blue glacial lakes set the tone and provide the backdrop for intense group meditation and mindfulness exercises around lunchtime.

As always, we end the day at our new camp for a little R&R, dinner, evening activities.

Trek Day #4


Alternate Tracks

We have a variety of options along the way to explore different mountain passes and “miradors” (scenic overlooks). Throughout the retreat, we will make decisions and adjust to get the most out of the experience. Day 4 is no different, we have options to do:

Rondoy pampa – Rondoy high pass- Jaguacocha or Carnicero (5000m.)

There are no bad options and we will find the most incredible track for our group!

Whichever way we go, we start with a nice breakfast and activities. Lunch along the way, and a great dinner!

Trek Day #5


Forks in the Road

On day 5 we are either conquering the San Antonio pass (4900m.) or Jaguacocha depending on the path we take in the prior days. Either way is incredible. The picture above is one I took from San Antonio Pass last time I was there. As with the other days, there are activities in the beginning, middle, end of the day around mealtimes.

Trek Day #6


Final Ascent

After our last breakfast and closing activities, we start to walk down to Pampa Llamac at 4300 m. We can see for the last time all the mountains in the Cordillera Huayhuash. We will stop here and close out this incredible experience. Together we will reflect on how profound it all is.

We arrive in Llamac where the bus its waiting and back to Huaraz. At this point, you will likely stare out the window, deep in thought about how your life will never again be the same.

This is my guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions


Am I in good enough shape for this?

Huayhuash is a challenging trek. But not impossible. If you started today, you’d have eight months to prepare. I will be sending training recommendations and physical benchmarks to those that are joining. Light a fire under your ass and let’s go. This trip is about big changes. Think of how much progress 2020 will hold if you commit to something like this.

Do I have to carry a huge backpack?

Nope! The donkeys will do most of the heavy lifting. You should have a day pack (15-20L) to hold your packed lunch, clothing layers as you take them on an off, camera if you have one and water.

Am I going to get altitude sick?

Altitude is a factor, but with proper planning and execution, you can mitigate your risks. Even if you do happen to get sick, you’ll be ok. The guides are prepared, and there are treatments such as Diamox and others you can take to thwart the symptoms. Each morning we start with coca tea, which helps minimize risk. Showing up to Huaraz early and acclimatizing is the best thing to do. (and I’ll take you on some day hikes)

When should I arrive in Huaraz?

I recommend arriving as early as you can. There is plenty to do there in nature. A few days is great, but if you can make it 5 or 6 days early to Peru, all the better. You may even want to hit another part of the Andes first. The longer you spend at elevation, the better.

What travel insurance do you recommend?

World Nomads is great for most types of travel insurance. Easy to buy right on their site. Get Travel insurance and cancellation insurance in case something happens last minute, and you have to back out. It’s rare, but worth the peace of mind!

What if I'm too slow/fast for the group?

I’ve gotten this one a few times. We do not have to stay together while hiking. Ideally, we will join in one spot for lunch and afternoon workshops, but this is your experience if you want to rush through it, your call! We will have three coaches on the trip throughout the pack as well as a guide, so you’re aren’t going to be left all alone to fend for yourself; plenty of people will be willing to take a slowers stroll.

I've never camped before, do I need to learn?

Not at all! Other than preparing yourself physically and mentally, picking up the proper clothes and a sleeping bag, you’re all set (I’ll be sending packing guides/what to wear to those that book). The Arrieros will set up and break down camp, and all meals and water will be prepared. Just lace up the hiking boots!

Do I need vaccinations?

Firstly, I’m not a doctor. You can vaccinate if you choose to. The most common vaccinations in Peru would be Hepatitis A & B and Typhoid (mostly to protect from food and water-borne illness). I don’t personally take Malaria as we will not be in the jungle, and you will not need yellow fever unless you plan to visit Brazil after (they require it). Most vaccination labs will try to sell you a wide variety. If you’re going to be enjoying street food all around, best to protect yourself, but you don’t need everything!

Uniquely Powerful Experiences


Don’t take my word for it, hear Cyndi and Mayan tell it from their perspective.

Sound like the Results You’re Seeking?


We all have this ideal vision of ourselves that seems just out of reach. At some point, we either become willing to take the steps towards grasping it, or we give up and settle. As an Adventure Coach™, my goal is to ensure you live your life with no regrets and step into that vision.

The purpose is to take you beyond normal and allow you to experience yourself in ways most people never do.

So, let’s go.