“Finally, a Program With Impact”

Seriously, f*** incremental growth – Adventure Coaching is the shortest path to explosive growth. Booking a call starts your journey out of the norm and into your full potential.

Ok, Aaron:

  • I watched your video.
  • This is what I need.
  • I'm sick of mundane courses and "masterminds."
  • I'm ready for a challenge.
  • I want to... meditate on a cliff!
  • ...feel better about myself.
  • ...reach my potential.
  • I want a healthy mind and body.
  • I know I'm capable of more.
  • Incremental change rarely works for me.
  • I want to know more.
  • I'll do whatever it takes.

Or, keep on scrolling to learn more.

In someone elses words.

Just like Cyndi, I grew using the same process I now use to help others. My goal for you is achieving your full potential with incredible speed. Why go slow?

What worked for me: escaping my comfort zone led to personal growth. I do the same with my clients. Pushing boundaries and exploring all aspects of the self and what limits us. Everything from childhood trauma to attachement issues, everything matters.

How it worked: a unique set of experiences that could never be replicated in an office or 40 minute coaching sessions. Adventure is the key to pushing yourself and developing confidence. We must grow through adversity and challenge.

Why work with me?: I’ve done it before. I’ve lived it for many years. I’m passionate about it. It works. If that’s not enough, perhaps you’re just not ready to commit. I look for clients that are willing to go to any length to get results – I’ll be ready when you are!

Some think when they have a certain amount of money or live in a better neighborhood that they’ll feel some big shift and be happier. But, that wasn’t my experience. Many successful people I speak with struggle to find fulfillment and feel like work is sucking their life away.

How many more public speakers talking about THEIR adventure will it take for you to smash the plateau towards personal growth…? For most people, it never works. So why do people still do it?

My opinion on reaching full potential: create your own adventure and make it a part of YOUR growth story instead of focusing on others.

Adventure Coaching FAQs

Why hiring an Adventure Coach is superior to traditional Executive Coaching?

Neuroscientists have proven that our brains have a cunning method to imprint potent emotional memories. The very same neurochemical which alerts the body to react to life-threatening danger (fight or flight) also stamps that memory with an extremely vivid memory. Norepinephrine and epinephrine activate the amygdala and powerful memories can be formed.

The more intense the thrill, the stronger the imprint. My goal is to challenge and create the ideal circumstances to create lasting change with frim and unshakable foundations. This isn’t possible in an office setting or in an hour a week between busy meetings.

My argument may sound crazy, but, is it really crazy to think that escaping your comfort zone and being in nature can lead to positive growth?

How exactly does this process work? What am I buying?

I create experiences for those wishing to reach their full potential in business, health, or future success. I do this by custom designing trips and retreats utilizing my skills as well as a variety of other experts in diet, yoga, meditation, and fitness when necessary. I can either design them or I can meet you anywhere in the world to join you or your team on their “bucket list” adventure.

I do this primarily for individuals or small intimate groups of 2-3 people. Given that there is only one of me and quite a bit of ground to cover, space is quite limited and I am currently taking applications for 2020 clients!

Who is this for?

I’m looking for a specific kind of client so it’s important that we get to know one another. Drastic change is impossible if someone is not willing, honest, and open-minded. Ultimately, if you’re hungry for stratospheric growth and willing to put in the work we can do great things together. Depending on the type of adventure I’ll also try to be sure whomever I’m working with isn’t over their head on the physical side. For clients that may not be physically healthy enough, we can always start with remote coaching until you get comfortable.

Imagine for just a moment..


..hiking through Patagonia focused on building:

  • A Healthy Body
  • A Strong Mind
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Life Balance
  • Leadership Development
  • Your Life's Purpose
  • Deep Confidence
  • Healthy Relationships

From this foundation, you can attack any goal and push through plateaus with ease.

Custom-Made & Risk-Free

Simple Concept

My approach is built on creating impactful experiences that bring rapid growth and profound positive change. We create unique itineraries to take people outside their comfort zones and allow them to explore themselves in new ways.

Custom Tailored

The experience we create is whatever it needs to be, the goal is to provide a unique experience to take you or your team towards the goals you set out. The smaller the groups the better. I prefer 1-3 people at a time so we can get down to in-depth discovery.

Guaranteed Results

Travel is often unpredictable, but I personally guarantee each trip with a 100% refund of my services should the client not feel fulfilled. This is a no hassle policy to put your mind at ease and make sure I’m accountable to your goals.

Listen to Mayan’s experience working with me on a recent trip to Bali and Flores, Indonesia.

How can I use this service to supercharge my team?Incentivizing is my favorite use.

There are a variety of ways I can structure my packages. We can do quarterly or monthly trips for a few from your team, select individuals, or one time retreats. I usually recommend using the “trips” as incentives to your team that they must earn or achieve. They can be awarded based on merit and everyone wins. Not only is it a creative and amazing gift experience, but I ensure that you will get back a more positive and focused employee than you sent.

Do you offer in-house coaching or consulting?Upon request.

On certain occasions, clients would like me to join them at their headquarters to go a little more in-depth or provide guidance on culture building, stress management or diet/health.

This is not a service I push often but for the right leader and company, I am more than willing to do what I can to help the team succeed.

For these types of contracts, I typically opt for short and powerful contracts to get the job done. I can bring in a team of professionals in any category necessary that are proven winners.

How do I get started?Let's chat.

I’m “new school” when it comes to tech, but I’m a bit “old school” when it comes to communication such as this. One of the most vital things to me is that we are a good fit and our goals are aligned. The quickest and best way to do that is to just hop on a phone call or video chat. First impressions are everything, within 20 minutes you’ll know if I’m your guy and we can take the next steps towards your goals.


Why Work With Me?

Aaron Rentfrew, Adventure Coach

I bring value as a Coach or a Business Consultant

There’s a lot that goes into deciding something like this. Trying to dig through a site and figure out if you trust someone can be nauseating. Hopefully, if you’re here, you’re excited about the unique possibilities with Adventure-based Coaching.

I was an executive myself. I know that it can be difficult to ask for help in executing a plan when you have found an acceptable level of success. My services are for those looking to crack the plateau and move to the next phase of their success. My ideal client is someone seeking a higher level of their given potential.

I encourage everyone to do their due diligence but don’t get paralysis by analysis and fail to act. Grab this process by the horns and let’s hop on a call and talk about your goals.

To execute positive change, you have to:

  • Be willing to go to any lengths to succeed
  • Have the proper people around you for support
  • Find purpose and meaning in your work
  • Be willing to push boundaries and take risks
  • Become a part of something bigger than yourself

It Sounds Expensive!

It’s not cheap, and neither is spending countless hours on ineffective growth strategies. However, there are ways to think about the cost and applications that make things a heck of a lot easier on the budget.

My approach is usually cheaper than the large and cumbersome executive coaching and leadership courses. Not to mention, those courses often fail to deliver on any promises much less provide any sense of adventure.

You get one life. Every moment you spend not operating at your full potential – or not seeking it – is time wasted in my opinion. The benefits of striving for purpose and meaning in your work and limitless motivation will pay dividends down the road.

When you find yourself sitting and reflecting on your progress a few years from now, you’ll focus only on the experience and growth. It’ll be impossible for you to regret the expense when the experience itself fills you with gratitude.

This is “bucket list” stuff that will change your life.

One last thing.

This isn’t just for the high performers. It’s also for those that may need an extra push, for the one you feel, “if they just had a little more confidence they’d be amazing”, or “if s/he could just get his/her shit together s/he’d be an incredible talent.” Perhaps that’s you, and you’re more than welcome to reach out if you’re willing to do whatever it takes.

I’ve worked with some of the toughest cases and I’ve been there. My book “Turning Point” is all about my journey from being a tragic mess, to managing hundreds of people and building businesses. I’ve experienced the gamut of emotions and have worked through them with others – and I can tell you – almost anyone can get better if people believe in them.

So if you’re ready to hear more and chat about how I can help let’s get started. Space is quite limited so reach out today.

“The fastest way to build confidence and resilience is to push yourself to the limit. You’re capable of more than you realize.”


Why this?


Not all decisions go according to plan. So let me illustrate how 1 day of what I’m advising can be worth infinitely more than a host of famous “executive coaches”.

I was on a solo motorbiking tour of the northern mountain ranges in Vietnam and had been pinned down in Bao Lac by heavy rains for a few days.

On the third morning, the sun came out so I loaded up my backpack and hopped on the bike. It was about an eight-hour ride to get to my next destination. This was a high elevation leg of the journey and I was looking forward to the amazing overlooks.

All was well for the first few hours of the ride, lots of sunshine and smiling faces.

About 2 hours into the ride I started an ascent up a mountain where the winding roads took me higher and higher towards the clouds. As I got higher in elevation, the temperature started to plunge. It began to rain, hard. I hopped off and tossed on my plastic rain suit and carried on.

Typically, these storms would come and go as long as you kept moving. This was not one of those times. The roads in Vietnam don’t really have a shoulder so there’s not much room for error, and high in the mountains, there’s zero shelter or places to stop and rest.

I carried on like this for hours and the rain didn’t let up. I was shivering cold and it seemed like I was never going to descend to the other side of the range. I could feel myself becoming defeated. I can still remember that minute where I just wanted to pull over and give up. It was raining too hard to open my bag and get warmer clothes (and they would have gotten soaked in minutes regardless).

I was freezing, soaked, and feeling a little sorry for myself. So how is this relevant to your business success? I’m almost there.

As I started coming down the mountain I was passing through a little village. I didn’t really know when the next opportunity would be to get a bottle of gas so I decided to pull off (yes, the gas is sold in glass liquor bottles).

I was in the middle of nowhere, stressed, and a little dazed from the road. As the young woman handed me the gas someone pulled on the back of my jacket. It scared the shit out of me. People don’t usually touch or grab you in Asia. He stopped pulling and motioned me inside his hut. I was hesitant, but he insisted, I eventually decided “what the hell.”

When you’re alone in a foreign place you sometimes have to make split-second decisions with no idea what you’re getting into. When I stepped inside his family was there to greet me, there were children all over the place along with chickens and pigs. There was a dirt floor and the fireplace was an open hearth. There was a large wooden table with several men sitting around motioning to me to take off my coat. I obliged.

We sat there for hours drinking tea and using google translate to try and get to know one another. The tea in Vietnam is very strong and the men were passing around “happy water” which is a local liquor. I always carry candy in my daypack when I travel so I passed around candy to the kids.

I’ll never forget how they went out of their way to make me feel at home, even though I was a complete stranger. The lesson of the day was gratitude. There were no words on a page that could touch this type of impactful feeling. Sadly, I had to move on. They tried hard to get me to stay in the village for the evening, but I had to get to my destination and still had several hours left to go before dark.

By the time I reached my destination, I felt like I could conquer anything. I still carry that with me to this day when things get rough. It was a deeply moving experience and it only happened because I was miles from my comfort zone.

The invaluable takeaways like a deep sense of gratitude, overcoming fears, and persevering through obstacles are not the types of things you can learn in a seminar or corporate setting. These powerful life/business ideals can only be honed way outside the day to day rat race.

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There are no limits to Adventure Coaching!



It’s hard to describe the beauty of Indonesia. You’re blessed with so many spectacular cliffs, volcanos, rainforests, and temples from Bali and Nusa Penida to Lombok and Komodo Islands. If someone has a month and wants an in-depth experience that will leave them changed for the remainder of his or her lives. Indonesia is your place.

Southeast Asia

Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam are some of the most beautiful and cost-effective places to travel on the globe. I personally prefer the Northern reaches of all three countries over the beaches in the South. The mountain ranges are spectacular!


Wild and raw. If you’re looking for something challenging and special, this is the place. One of the best places in the world to escape the trappings of modern society and fully unplug. This is not to be missed.

South America

From the top of the Andes Mountains to the salt flats of the Atacama Desert you’ll find out so much about yourself. Your capabilities, your fears, your motivation, and probably some of your favorite foods. Stunning landscapes are just the norm here but the magic happens at night when the stars come alive. Lose yourself for week here and you’ll come back with a new mindset for the future.

Canada & Alaska

Big country and so close if you live in the USA. People often fail to look up before they go down on the map but Canada offers some of the most stunning landscapes and coastlines in the world. If you’re looking for a short Adventure Coaching excursion this might be the perfect location.

United States

People often underestimate the sheer depth of discovery that can happen right here in the US. Incredible parks and coastlines can supply any adventurer with a path. It can be a bit tough to get off the beaten path but when you do you can strike gold without having to circumnavigate the planet!

Sri Lanka

This is one of my favorite countries. It’s simple to get around with the amazing trains and gives you a little time between cities to take it all in. The landscape is amazing dotted with stunning mountain ranges, waterfalls, beaches and great surfing. There are even safaris here with elephants, crocs and a list of other gorgeous creatures.


There’s so much to see outside of the main hubs in Europe! Exploring the Alps and other mountain ranges along with the Mediterranean is enough to keep people busy for quite some time. The food, the fjords, and exploration are all just part of the culture.


Stunning landscapes make up this primordial location. Lava flows, fjords, cliffs, icebergs, and the Northern Lights light the way towards a one of a kind adventure. Easy and quick flights make this a top location for Adventure Coaching. This is a “bucket list” spot for most.